The Potting Shed

  • We are auctioning off one of our 2015 CSA shares to benefit our friends the Jessups.

  • All the spring seeds have been purchased.  Onions will be started shortly.  We're getting very excited about the 2015 growing season - especially because we'll be experimenting with something new!  Or new to us anyway.

  • Our spring garden is almost in!  We have spinach, carrots, cauliflower, onions, cabbage, and lettuce are planted.  We will be getting the broccoli in as soon as possible and the kale and swiss chard will be planted in the next few weeks.

  • The onions we started from seed are coming along nicely, they like the modifications we made to the greenhouse.

  • The frost did kill off the tomato and pepper plants as anticipated.  We managed to harvest all the peppers, though there aren't many ripe ones, and will continue offering sweet peppers as long as they will keep.

  • The forecast was calling for a frost tomorrow night so Kenneth and I picked all the peppers while Jadyn supervised.

  • For those of you patiently waiting for green beans...

    Cross your fingers and hope we can get the ones we planted last night to grow better than the ones we planted at the beginning of the season!

  • Due to all the rain, our tomato crop has been looking pretty pitiful this year, but we finally have a few tomatoes worth selling!

  • We've started clearing off the spring crops to make room for the late summer crops.  We should have tomatoes in the next couple weeks.

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