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The Adventures of Ellen the Friendly Cow

The Front Porch......or The Back Porch......or The Grandma used to say!  I noticed we did not have any stories <gasp> in our Front Porch section and believe me it's not because we don't have 'em!!! We don't have stories because everyone is so busy workin on the farm they don't have time to write them.  I don't pick (veggies)  or hoe (the garden) very much.....ok ok I did pick some Sungolds (wonderful cherry tomatoes) the other day and I haven't hoed for a few years  [Tongue out] .   I aim to try to rectify that situation, er the stories, not the hoeing.  Me, Jetti, being the obvious choice, not because I am a stellar writer, but because Gwen, who is a very good writer (I, Gwen, did not pay her to say that.  She, Jetti, is deranged.) (she assures me she will edit this story) is very busy.  Canning tomatoes, changing diapers, going to markets, inventing new recipes, milking goats, feeding baby get the picture!  So grab a chair, bale of hay, or five gallon bucket and let me tell you about:

The Adventures of Ellen the Very Friendly Cow

For several months Ellen, our little Jersey cow, had been very unhappy.  It seems she was pining for some bovine company....specifically some male bovine company (boy cow.....aka - bull).  We failed to realize why.  For a few days a month, she mooooed and moooooed from morning to night and drove us all crazy!  One morning Steve went down to milk Ellen, and she wasn't there, or we were gone one day and when we came back she was gone.......I knew I should have written this story a long time ago before my memory took a vacation.  I digress.  However it happened it was amazing.  We have a pasture fence and a fence around our entire yard.  Ellen was one determined cow!  We looked all over for her.  Drove down the street, walked through the woods, no sign of Ellen, which was a mystery because at home in her pasture there were 'signs' all over.  We made flyers and stapled them to telephone poles.  We knocked on doors.  We didn't find Ellen but finally met quite a few of our neighbors.  We prayed and searched and had almost given up, we thought the coyotes had gotten her [Cry] .   Finally after about a week someone called that had seen one of our flyers, and told Steve they heard some moooing down the road from us.  He set out to check on it.  Sure enough Farmer Day had Ellen.  Farmer Day had several meat cows, and a bull!  He told us he had found her outside of his pasture fence.  She was very hungry, thin, and wanted to meet his cows.  He noticed she was a milk cow, so he milked her, gave her some vittles (hay), and introduced her to his herd.  She fell in love with his bull.  Farmer Day told us she was fiesty little gal.  She being a Jersey cow, which is one of the the smallest breeds of cows, and his being a Herferd which is a larger breed, was ruling the roost (telling all the other cows what to do).  She made quite an impression on his bull too.  They hung out together the whole time she was there, he wouldn't even come to the barn for supper if she didn't come with him.  True love.  Well, we thanked Farmer Day, paid him for her room and board and brought Ellen back home.   She settled back in reluctantly.  It seems that goats and horses are just not the same as...cow company.  Although she wasn't gloriously happy she seemed to be content and nine months later (give or take a few days) Bossie was born.

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