Welcome to the Farm

Off the Fence Farms is a first generation family run farm in Evansville, IN.  We are passionate about providing our local community with good affordable food produced in a way that preserves and protects our glorious earth for future generations.  We are learning more every year about how best to do this and enjoy sharing what we've learned with others.  We offer a vegetable CSA, dairy herd share program, and pastured eggs fed certified organic grains free of corn and soy.  Our surplus vegetables are available for purchase "a la carte".  We have a small work share program that we hope to expand in the coming years and we hope to branch out into fruit and meat eventually.  We offer informal farm tours by appointment.  You can find recipes, informational articles, and fun farm stories on our site in addition to more information about what we offer - thanks for visiting!

We are auctioning off one of our 2015 CSA shares to benefit our friends the Jessups.

Cottage Cheese is super yummy and really not as intimidating as it looks to make.  I'm probably the only one that gets intimidated about cheese - right?  Well I've been making cottage cheese over a year now and have tweaked my process enough that I declare it pretty much perfect and feel ready to share it with the world!

A few months ago we added four ducks to our crazy farm.

All the spring seeds have been purchased.  Onions will be started shortly.  We're getting very excited about the 2015 growing season - especially because we'll be experimenting with something new!  Or new to us anyway.

I usually make jambalaya with rice.  But I didn't have rice and I had some beautiful chicken broth simmering in my crockpot begging to be made into jambalaya.  So I decided to make jambalaya with quinoa.  Yum! 

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